Participants and Alumni

Learn more about NYA’s Alumni, current Participants and their experiences. Check out NYA’s Participant blogs for personal accounts of past Participants’ NYA adventures, see this year’s list of Participants and Alternates, and scroll through NYA’s Alumni Archive to see who has taken part in Northern Youth Abroad! See the Alumni Services page to view NYA’s initiatives to engage alumni and contribute to their ongoing success.

Participant Stories

Read blog posts from past participants about their NYA experiences. You’ll learn about Orientation, Participants’ host families and communities, work placements, adventures in Guatemala and Botswana, and the friendships and bonds formed through NYA.
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List of current Participants and Alternates

See NYA’s roster of Participants and Alternates. One of the names could be you, someone you know or someone you’ll get to meet as they travel throughout Canada and abroad!
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NYA Alumni Archive

View the list of all Alumni since NYA’s inception in 1998, including their year of participation and home community. A great way to get to know NYA’s network of 450+ Alumni across the north and wherever their ambitions have taken them.
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Alumni Services

Check out all the ways NYA keeps working for its Alumni after they’ve completed the program. If you’re an alumnus wondering how NYA can help you, or a curious visitor interested in all the great ways NYA supports its extended family, this is the place to go.
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Maintaining relationships with Alumni and keeping them engaged with NYA and the goals they set for themselves through the program is a top priority for NYA. There are a number of services NYA offers to Alumni that promote this priority including connecting Alumni to resources for education, facilitating opportunities for Alumni to participate in NYA in new capacities, recognizing achievements of alumni and more.

Alumni Bursary

Each year NYA offers a number of $500 bursaries to deserving Alumni who are pursuing full time post-secondary education. Since this initiative began in 2011, NYA has contributed $16,500 to 33 NYA Alumni in order to assist with the financial burden of attending a college or university program, and to reward their ambition and commitment to education and personal success. Follow the link to see each of our Alumni Bursary winners and read about their achievements.
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Alumni Board Memberskaren and kev at office

The Board of Directors is responsible for shaping the organization and setting the direction that it will take. The addition of three Alumni to the Board is a major accomplishment as it highlights the responsibility and community spirit of these alumni, as well as it allows for the unique opportunity for those who have participated in the program to help shape its future. Alumni Board positions are an exciting opportunity as they benefit the organization through the input of alumni as well as provide unique and valuable experience to the young individuals who seize this opportunity. This is a particularly exciting time for our organization as we currently have the first Alumni Chair of the Board in Karen Aglukark.
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Alumni Staff Members

Elena at work

NYA has made efforts to incorporate Alumni into its team of employees to harness the experience and perspective Alumni can bring to the organization. Alumni staff members are able to contribute greatly to NYA as they have experienced the program first hand. This is also a way in which NYA is able to provide job opportunities and work experience to our Alumni. NYA’s Alumni Staff Members have included Karen Aglukark of Arviat, NU, Elena Kataluk of Coral Harbour, NU, and April Akeeagok of Grise Fiord, NU.
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Post-Secondary Education Resource Library

In the interest of emphasizing the value of education and promoting the opportunities available to Alumni, NYA maintains an extensive resource library of information about post-secondary education institutions. The library is brought to Re-Orientation Camp in August for all Participants to make use of and is particularly popular after the group tours of Carleton University and Algonquin College that have become a staple of NYA’s “Re-O.” These materials are available on an ongoing basis to all Alumni who are considering pursuing higher education, and NYA’s staff are available to put Alumni in touch with more knowledgeable contacts at various institutions to answer specific questions and assist with the application process.

Alumni FacilitatorsFacilitators3

NYA offers opportunities for Alumni to travel to Ottawa and volunteer as facilitators for program orientation sessions each July and August. This experience enables Alumni to stay engaged with NYA and impart their lessons and wisdom to the new generation of participants. Alumni facilitators are able to become better leaders and public speakers while acting as strong role models for younger participants to look up to. The Alumni Facilitator initiative has been effective and grown rapidly, as seen in 2014 when over 75% of facilitators were Alumni.

Outstanding Alumni Award

This award works to recognize NYA’s Alumni for their post-NYA achievements. Sponsored by Canadian North, this award is presented to an NYA Alumnus or Alumna who demonstrates leadership and active volunteerism, contributes to their community, has set and achieved personal goals since being an NYA Participant, demonstrates a positive life-style, and is a positive role model for other northern youth. NYA’s Outstanding Alumni Award serves to reward exemplary alumni members for their accomplishments, highlight them as leaders and role models to our extended network of northern youth and incentivize outstanding achievements in other Alumni.
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