Cara’s adventures in Sidney, BC

October 12th, 2016
Cara by the pier in Sidney

Cara by the pier in Sidney

Hello, my name is Cara Killiktee and I am from Pond Inlet Nunavut. I am placed in Sidney, BC. My work placement in Sidney is a daycare called Adel’s Play N Discovery House. My work experience involves teaching children the letters of the ABC’s and counting numbers up to 10. The cute little children that I teach in the daycare are from 3-6 years of age, which makes me happy because they are easy to understand and they tend to listen easily. I am happy to be placed in Adel’s Play N Discovery.

For every participant of the Canadian phase, we stay with host families and mine is Glen Brown and Cathy Brown along with their daughter Emily. I am also glad that I was placed with my host family because I get along with them so well (but they spoil me a little too much haha). While living here for five weeks I have noticed some different things here than in my home community. The differences I see is that their plants are longer than our shrubs, and they have many more kinds of bugs. The bugs I commonly see back home are black flies and mosquitos, but here they have all types, including wasps. What I also find different is the horses (THEY ARE HUGE! Unlike the dogs I see back home!) how I see the horses is that they are just big dogs to me! Just kidding, they are very unique animals!

I see some similarities in the culture here in Sidney with ours back home. For example, I have seen some Indigenous art designs here of their spirits, which are unique but also familiar to me. Their sewing techniques are pretty similar too – they make outdoor footwear here similar to our kamiks back home.

In the past few weeks here in Sidney, my host parents took me to the old car show that was held in Victoria BC. I saw some awesome old cars and trucks that were made in 1920’s-1980’s. I found it fascinating because I’m a bit obsessed with old-fashioned cars. With my work placement, my supervisors and I took the children to the Vancouver Aquarium and they loved it. (I sure did too!) It was fantastic because we got to see an octopus! Last but not least, of all my experiences here in Sidney, my favourite was when my host father took me on a ferry ride to the islands nearby. I loved every minute of it because it had also reminded me of the time I was on the CCGS Amundsen Coast Guard ship. While on the ferry, my host father let me stand on the bridge to get a good view and it was beautiful! I sure would like to come back here to BC to see my host family one day. My experiences ended with a trip to Vancouver with my host mother.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.

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