Summer Opportunity: Orientation/Re-Orientaiton Facilitators


Each year NYA recruits 7-8 volunteers from across Nunavut and the Northwest Territories to act as Orientation/Re-Orientation Program Facilitators. Each of NYA’s Programs (Canadian Program, International Program and NYA Next), include a 5-day orientation and a 3 (International Program and NYA Next) or 5 (Canadian Program) day Re-Orientation. Both taking place immediately before and after the placement phase of each respective program. The intent of Orientation is to prepare participants for their placements, both generally and specifically, in an environment where they have the opportunity to form friendships with youth from across the North and where they are encouraged to gain every benefit of participating in NYA.

Re-Orientation provides the opportunity to debrief, prepare for returning their home and their future, and to re-connect with other participants and celebrate their individual and cumulative success.

The role of facilitators:

Facilitators work with directly with Participants in one of the NYA Programs. In the Canadian Program the 40 participants are broken into three groups of 12-14 and two facilitators are assigned to this home group while in the International Program and NYA Next the facilitator works all youth in that program. In all programs Facilitators lead a number of prepared sessions for their group, and may help lead a number of full group activities in collaboration with the full facilitation team. Facilitators ensure, with staff, that participants are prepared for what lies ahead, and can help identify any issues that need to be addressed before the participant travels to their placement or home. Over time, the role of facilitator has become one that is held mostly by alumni of NYA’s past programs.

Beginning in 2018, the International and Next Programs will be mostly separated at Orientation.


Facilitators stay onsite for the Orientation and Re-Orientation programs, along with staff, participants, and other volunteers. All programs take place at a camp about 30 minutes East of Ottawa. The facility is expansive and offers a mixture of indoor and outdoor space.

This year’s dates are:


June 28: Facilitators travel to Ottawa

June 29/30: Orientation Prep onsite at camp, Participants arrive

June 30 – July 4: Orientation for all programs

July 5: Facilitators travel home


August: 9-13 NYA Next Re-Orientation

August 9– 15: Canadian Program Re-Orientation

August 17-19: International Program Re-Orientation

*Facilitators would travel to and from Ottawa the day before and after the dates listed above for the program that they are facilitating for

Total Volunteer Commitment for Facilitators:

Canadian Program Facilitators: 15 days including travel

NYA Next Facilitators: 13 days including travel

International Program Facilitators: 13 days including travel

NYA covers all related costs including travel to and from Ottawa, all accommodation and onsite expenditures, and reasonable incidentals.


If you are interested in a Facilitator role with NYA, please send a short statement of interest to Rebecca Bisson, Executive Director by March 31st by email to or by fax 613-232-2121.