Summer Opportunity: Group Leader


Northern Youth Abroad (NYA) is a non-profit organization offering Canadian and International programs cultivating self-confidence, self-esteem, career direction, global awareness, and development education for youth aged 15-22 who live in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Beginning in 1999, we have, to date, sent 24 teams to live and volunteer in Costa Rica, Botswana, Guatemala and Swaziland.

NYA is currently seeking experienced, motivated, and responsible volunteers to act as Group Leaders for its 2018 International Program. Successful applicants will form one pair of leaders who will lead a group of 6 youth on their International placement (likely Costa Rica). The in-country placement will run from approximately July 6th – August 18th with Orientation and Reorientation programs in Ottawa preceding and following the placement. Preparation/follow-up requirements necessitate some limited group leader involvement before and after the field placement.

The Group Leaders’ role requires you to work as a pair to:

  • Lead, coordinate, mentor and supervise the team during international placement to ensure a safe and meaningful program, and create a fun, productive and harmonious team dynamic encouraging learning, growth and achievement. This includes staying onsite with the group, and taking part in all activities.
  • Assist with group preparation for overseas placement before departure
  • Participate in the participant orientation and reorientation workshops in Ottawa
  • Report to the NYA office, including keeping in regular contact before, during, and post placement, fulfilling all reporting requirements and notifying the Executive Director of any unexpected situations or changes to any of the project parameters.
  • Ensure that NYA policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Handle all logistics and team coordination on placement, which includes facilitating and coordinating every element of group life (meals, shopping, travel, training and volunteer work). Team members are each expected to take on responsibility in each of these regards, but will require support and direction.
  • Supervise the completion of program requirements (program curriculum, volunteer work placement etc)
  • Manage placement budget and monies for program and participants
  • Submit a narrative report and financial report to NYA within one month of placement completion
  • Work under the direction of the Executive Director, and in collaboration with program partners.

For more information on the role of a Group Leader, consult our International Group Leader Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms of Service:

March – June
Minimal commitment: 2-3 Conference calls and one mandatory three-day training weekend (likely in the Ottawa area)

June 28th – August 22nd
Full-time commitment: including placement with the participants, travel preparation, Orientation and Re-Orientation

Minimal commitment: to complete wrap up tasks. (Report submission, de-briefing etc.) 


All travel, accommodation, food, insurance, and incidentals are covered during all aspects of placement, the training weekend and at the orientation and re-orientation. A modest honorarium of $1000 will be paid to Group Leaders at the successful completion of the assignment.

Interested candidates should submit their application below, or submit a resume and cover letter by email to

The deadline to apply is Monday, March 12th.

We would be pleased to accept applications from qualified pairs as well as individuals. If you are applying as a pair please clearly state this in your cover letter as well as indicate whether you would also be willing to be considered as an individual.