Hayven shares her experience in Ottawa

November 2nd, 2017

Hi my name is Hayven. I was placed in Ottawa and I worked at a bakery this summer.

Working at the bakery was fun. It was hard work but I love it. My boss Jeff was fun to hang out with and I would bake a lot of different things and every day I would do something else like cleaning. My host family is fun, they have really cute kids and its really fun. It’s different because I always have to be up in the morning to make a plan before doing anything. At first it was hard but I got use to a few things and it got easier.

My favourite thing about this trip was going for a long walk with my host mother, Jess and Komaki (my host sister). We walked to the Kontinuum which is a place where you see all these amazing lights then we walked thorough a street fair where we saw a lot of people dancing and doing cool tricks. It was my first time walking on a really long bridge and it was fun because we saw a lot of cool views like the parliament and the boats. Doing this trip was fun and I got to do new things, meet new people, live with an amazing host family, and work with amazing people. It is a good experience.

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