John reviews his trip to Collingwood, ON

August 17th, 2017

Hello, my name is John Thomas Stanley Noksana 3rd and i am currently placed in Collingwood Ontario where I live with a host family who are named Bruce and Sandra.

They are really nice people who tell us and show us interesting places like the green elevators where they build and sent ships out.

The green elevators is a place where huge columns of grown food such as wheat and other crops were stored and shipped.

They’ve also showed us the mills dairy farm where they sell fresh chocolate and regular milk in normal and milkshake form which was a pretty cool.

I liked these experiences because where I’m from (tuktoyaktuk N.W.T) there is really nothing like it. Even the slang/jargon used here is different and the culture is definitely different.

I feel like I needed a program like this to become more independent and grow as a person. This program is a great thing for anyone in my opinion because you can learn good leadership skills, improve your work ethic, and definitely gain work experience to prepare for living in the south for college.

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