Katey Beth’s updates us on her time in Ottawa

July 13th, 2018

I started the NYA Next Program in Ottawa last week. During the orientation, I learned that I can step out of my comfort zone. I was also introduced to the entire Next group and we got to know each other! What I liked about orientation was that we all the programs (Canadian, Next, International) all got together and we got to meet each other. During orientation, we took part in sessions, learned, and did assignments. I am currently staying in Algonquin College for around 5 weeks. My roommate is Megan from Hall Beach, Nunavut.

I also got to tour Parliament Hill with the Next group and it was my first time inside! I also went inside the Government of Nunavut building. My favourite thing about Parliament Hill is the library , because not many people get to see it as it is private. I learned so much about the Parliament Building’s history. After that, we went to shop for a bit.

During the weekend, we went to the beach and had so much fun. I learned how to float in the water. The sand was very hot and burned my feet a little but after a while I got used to walking on it. On Tuesday, we started classes and the first thing we are making is picture frames. After that, we will get to make a dog house. I’m enjoying the class. Since I got to Algonquin College, I started to get up early in the morning by myself. We practised our presentations about Nunavut and the Northwest Territories for a couple of days to the other participants and everyone seemed to love our presentation which made it a great experience. I was surprised that some people don’t know about the north and kids had so many questions about the north and were adorable. My favourite thing about this week is the presentation and the beach. I had so much fun.

I am so appreciative that I get to take part in the Next program and learn how to be at college in the south and take care of myself. I’m gaining more confidence, independence, and having new experiences. Next is a very amazing program! I’m enjoying every second of this summer, This is a great opportunity. Thanks for reading my blog!

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