Host Family Media

Here are some tools to help spread the word about hosting with NYA! You can also email if you have questions or want additional info. Even if you can’t host, or don’t know anyone directly who would be interested, it can be amazing how quickly word can spread through a personal network – you might just reach someone who would be the perfect fit!


Here are some tools that you can download and share or print.

Some Ideas

Unable to host but still want to let others experience an amazing experience of hosting with NYA? Here are some ideas on how to spread the word.

  • Talk to people! A lot of people don’t know that programs like NYA exist. The easiest way to help spread the word is to have conversations.
  • Share NYA’s Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Download a poster and print it, try putting it up on your local bulletin board or in a coffee shop in your town
  • Print some NYA brochures or info packs and give them to people who might be interested in hosting
  • Direct your friends and family to check out!