Olaf explores his future through his Personal Learning Project

September 8th, 2016

(Photo Credit: Thorsten Gohl)

My Personal Learning Project was at the Algonquin College, learning about the General Pre-Trades program. I worked with John, he works at Algonquin, he’s the guy to talk to when you need any sort of help. I found this organization through NYA. I chose this Personal Learning Project because, well I’m really interested in Carpentry and also into Welding or Electrician, I’m just not very sure if I want to get into those courses so I chose general pre-trades for that reason. It will give me a little taste of all those courses and also they’re all hands on work which I really like to do, I love keeping my hands busy. After taking the that course I think I’ll choose the one that I feel more comfortable with and more happy with. What I did during the Personal Learning Project with John, was he was giving me a tour around the campus and also taking a look at the classes I might be taking, and talking about when I should apply for the course and also talking about where it would be best for me to get an apartment and yeah just mostly talking about general pre-trades. What I have learned through this Personal Learning Project is how to apply for college and where to apply and also getting to know what I’m getting into if I’m applying. Getting to know the campus more, knowing who to talk to talk to when I need it, and that they can give me support if I feel like I might drop out or fail a class. I would definitely recommend this to others, I think it’s a great course and also a great school, they have all the help you need, for example if you have financial problems, home sickness or if you drop out or fail your course/class they’re there if you need help, just don’t be scared to ask. This is what I’m looking forward to doing next fall.

I will be attending Nunavut Sivuniksavut this fall. After I finish NS I want to apply to Algonquin and go for general pre-trades. Yeah that’s about it for my personal learning project, hopefully you guys enjoyed it.

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