Oliver shares his amazing hiking adventures in Costa Rica

August 1st, 2018

My experience with the Outward Bound hike was amazing! The first day was a little hard on us because our group leader hurt her knee, but thankfully she’s fine now. We walked 5km in 7 hours to get to our first place we stayed. The next day we did a 5-6 hour hike to a homestay and ate some of the most delicious food I ever ate! Nothing compares to my dad’s cooking though. The third day we went to a waterfall which was so refreshing because it was a hot day. Then we made candy from sugar canes which was so good! The fourth day we hiked to our third home stay which was about an hour and a half walk from the last one and when we got there we showered, swam in a river close by then later we made banana and chocolate bread. On the fifth day we ate breakfast and had the bread we cooked the night before then hiked to a ecolodge ,and later that evening we walked around and saw some frogs then headed to bed.

The sixth day we hiked for 16km in 7 hours which was an amazing improvement from the first day, and then we got to the town of Manuel Antonio and cooked supper and chilled for the rest of the day. The eighth day was super fun because we got to go to the Manuel Antonio National Park and went swimming for about three hours, then on the way back we saw a baby sloth which was super cute! After that, we drove back to the first outward bound base then got to do some much needed laundry. The last day of the trip was one of my favourite because we got to zip-line which was amazing because I was going super fast. After zip-lining, our instructors brought us back to UWC to end the trip.

This was truly a life changing experience and I’m so thankful to have had the chance to participate in this program. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed pura vida!


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