Participants & Alumni

Participants and Alumni

Learn more about NYA’s Alumni, current Participants and their experiences. Check out NYA’s Participant blogs for personal accounts of past Participants’ NYA adventures, see this year’s list of Participants and Alternates, and scroll through NYA’s Alumni Archive to see who has taken part in Northern Youth Abroad! See the Alumni Services page to view NYA’s initiatives to engage alumni and contribute to their ongoing success.

Participant Stories

Read blog posts from past participants about their NYA experiences. You’ll learn about Orientation, Participants’ host families and communities, work placements, adventures in Guatemala and Botswana, and the friendships and bonds formed through NYA.
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List of current Participants and Alternates

See NYA’s 2016 roster of Participants and Alternates. One of the names could be you, someone you know or someone you’ll get to meet as they travel throughout Canada and abroad!
Meet 2016 NYA Participants and Alternates

NYA Alumni Archive

View the list of all Alumni since NYA’s inception in 1998, including their year of participation and home community. A great way to get to know NYA’s network of 450+ Alumni across the north and wherever their ambitions have taken them.
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Alumni Services

Check out all the ways NYA keeps working for its Alumni after they’ve completed the program. If you’re an alumnus wondering how NYA can help you, or a curious visitor interested in all the great ways NYA supports its extended family, this is the place to go.
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