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NYA offers three programs for youth in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. All three programs are ten months long, consisting of preparatory assignments from January to June, an orientation camp in Ottawa, a summer placement from July to mid-August, a debriefing camp and fall assignments from the end of placement to October.

NYA Canadian Program

Bradley and Ethan (3)The first phase of NYA’s programming is the Canadian Program. Open to Nunavut and NWT youth aged 15-20, this program culminates with a 5 week placement in a southern Canadian community in which participants live with a host family and volunteer 35 hours per week at a professional workplace in an area of career interest. The Canadian Program emphasizes career skills, work experience, leadership, confidence, volunteerism and cross-cultural awareness.
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NYA Next

nextNYA Next is NYA’s newest program. It is available to any alumni of the Canadian Program between the ages of 16 and 22. NYA Next works to revisit, reinforce and build upon many of the facets and lessons of the Canadian program by promoting education, personal growth, cultural awareness and career preparation. The purpose behind the program’s creation is to allow for NYA’s desire to build a more diverse offering, emphasizing goal setting and achievement,  which can be individually tailored to each Participant’s interests and needs, highlighted by a distinct Personal Learning Project that each participant will complete. The summer placement for NYA Next will take place at Algonquin College in Ottawa, where Participants will learn about construction and building; engage in volunteer work and service learning; and participate in a multitude of group activities.
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NYA International Program

intlThe International Program is available to alumni of the Canadian Program under the age of 22. This program involves group travel to a summer placement in an international location. Previous International Program destinations have included Swaziland, Botswana and Guatemala. Participants contribute to a community volunteer initiative, develop professional skills and take part in cultural exchange, including interaction with local indigenous populations. The International Program builds upon the foundation of the Canadian Program and emphasizes global citizenship.
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