NYA Update : Covid-19

March 17th, 2020

Today the NYA team finds ourselves, along with the rest of the world, in a new and changing situation, and we understand that there are likely questions about how this could affect NYA’s 2020 programs. The well-being of Participants and also of Volunteers, Mentors and stakeholders always comes first. As travel dates for this year program remain more than 100 days away and the situation continues to change rapidly, we have set May 1st as the date that we will communicate any necessary changes to this year’s programs. We are reaching out to every mentor by phone and email about the next steps and will continue to keep the lines of communication open.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on any changes, and will do everything we can to do what’s best for our Participants. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding 💙 We encourage anyone with immediate questions to contact us directly. Right now, the best thing everyone can do is to listen to and follow directions from their local health teams, and to make sure that the information they are sharing is coming from credible sources like the Public Health Agency of Canada or the World Health Organization.

Let’s be kind to each other, and let us know if there is any way NYA can help!

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