Work With NYA

Curious about what working with NYA? You’re in the right place.

What is it like to work with NYA?


The most important aspect of every position with NYA is supporting the success of our Participants and Alumni. This means that our approach, hours and philosophies support their needs, their potential, and their excellence.


Our work and approach are directed by our guiding principles


We are a northern serving and northern focused organization. It’s important that every staff is knowledgeable and connected to the people and places that we serve. Through diversity, openness and collaboration NYA provides a unique opportunity to learn, share and grow, while reflecting the culture and lifestyle of the Canadian North.


We consider ourselves a training organization. Every staff person has the opportunity to be involved in program creation, learning new things, and contributing ideas. Beyond that we have ambitious goals; for ourselves, our Participants, and our organization (and really the world). 


NYA Staff, Volunteers, Participants and Alumni form a unique community that feels a lot like family. We are supportive of each other, we make decisions by consensus and we cheer each other on. We celebrate our accomplishments and pitch in to help whenever needed.  


 NYA’s environment is fun, flexible, friendly, passionate, energetic and totally committed. This means that it is a good fit for people who like versatility, a fast pace, and to work together to take on big challenges.