Apply to NYA

Applications for the NYA Canadian
Program open each year in the fall,
for travel in the summer.

2020 Programs

Applications for the 2020 NYA Programs will open soon. To learn more about the programs or if you are interested in applying in the future, click below!

How to Apply

  1. Learn about NYA. You can read the FAQ here and get tips for applying here
  2. Decide if you want to complete the application online, by downloading it and filling it out on a computer, or filling it out by hand on paper. You can find the links to fill it out online or download a copy below.
  3. Choose a Mentor. A mentor is an adult (not someone who lives in the same house as you) who can help you apply to NYA, and will help you with assignments and getting ready to travel if you are selected as an NYA Participant. Mentors can be teachers, rec coordinators  – anyone willing to volunteer to help you.
  4. Have your Mentor and one other adult in your community who knows you well (cannot be a family member) each fill out the Referral Form found on this page and have them submit it either online, via email or by fax.
  5. Send in your application before the deadline. You can submit it online, email it to or send it by fax to 613-232-2121

Online Applications


NYA Next


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in October!

Referral Forms

Each Program applicant is required to submit two “Participant Referral Forms” in support of their application – one from their mentor, and one more from another adult who is not an immediate family member. The referral helps determine if NYA is a good fit for the applicant while allowing us to get to know them a little bit better.

Fill out an online Referral Form for a Canadian Program applicant
Fill out an online Referral From for an International or NYA Next Program applicant

Download Applications

If you would like to print off a hard copy that can be filled out by hand please find .pdf copies of each application and referral form below.

All completed forms can be e-mailed to, faxed to 613-232-2121, or mailed to Northern Youth Abroad, 308-311 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X3