Supporting NYA

Simply put our organization would not exist without the support of like-minded individuals and organizations that believe in NYA’s investment in helping youth from the North reach their full potential. With your support, we are able to engage more than 50 youth Participants each year in programming. These youth are poised to develop healthy self-esteem, confidence, leadership, and skills development in a safe, supportive, and hands-on environment.

Every dollar contributed helps NYA offset the costs associated with operating our annual programs. As an organization, we have worked very hard to be an effective and efficient organization that uses resources responsibly and creatively to achieve the best possible return on your investment. Once again we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for your committed support. Together we can make a lasting and profound difference in the lives of our Participants.

Online Donation

Participant-Specific Donations

Each Participant is responsible for raising funds towards their travel and program costs. You can help them reach their individual goals by adding their name to the message section of your online donation. Click the link below, choose “Participant Specific Fundraising” as a fund, and don’t forget to add the Participant’s name to the message!

Other Ways to Donate

Use Facebook

Facebook recently added a feature called Charitable Giving. It lets users donate directly to registered charities through Facebook, or create their own fundraisers. Consider starting a fundraiser for NYA for your birthday, or use Facebook to spread the word! If you want your funds from a Facebook Fundraiser to go to a specific cause within NYA, send us a message and we can make sure it goes to the right place.

Donate Aeroplan Miles

Did you know that you can now donate your Aeroplan Miles to NYA? One of the great things about the NYA program is that participants do not need to pay for their travel costs, but travel costs represent one of our most significant expenses. Through the Aeroplan program, you can now donate accumulated miles to NYA!

All donated miles will be used to help selected participants travel to and from their summer placements and for other program-related purposes. Donate Now

Corporate Donations

If your employer is committed to giving back to the community and making a difference, suggest your organization make a corporate donation to Northern Youth Abroad. Becoming one of NYA’s Funding Partners is a great way to help enrich the lives and expand the opportunities of many northern youth while gaining exposure for your organization and building a reputation as a socially responsible and philanthropic company. To coordinate a funding partnership, please contact Rebecca Bisson at

Donate Your Time

NYA is lucky to have the support of a network of hundreds of volunteers. If donating your time rather than money is more appropriate for you, there are plenty of opportunities to do so, providing you with the ability to still make a difference but to connect with NYA in a more personal way.

Placement Kit Fund

Every summer, each NYA Canadian Program Participant receives an NYA Placement Kit. It includes everything they need to start the summer off right. This includes a backpack, a water bottle, hygiene items, a notebook, a new t-shirt and hoodie.

NYA Legacy Fund

Northern Youth Abroad celebrated 20 years of programming in 2017 and as part of celebrating this accomplishment, we launched a legacy fund and are working to find (at least) 1000 people who are willing to donate (at least) $20 to this new fund. The fund continues to support activities and initiatives that invest in the ability of our Participants and Alumni to achieve their goals. This includes the NYA bursary fund, our discretionary fund that allows us to provide help when and where it is most needed, and ensuring that every Participant (current and past) have access to the tools and resources that will support their success.

To donate to the Legacy Fund, click Donate Now and choose “Legacy Fund” option on the Canada Helps website.