Tips for Applying

Follow these tips to make applying to Northern Youth Abroad simple and quick!

  • Apply online – Avoid the hassle of having to print, fax or mail by completing your application online!
  • The right application – Make sure you have the right application. Check to see that you are filling out a Canadian Program application and not an International or NYA Next Program application. Look on the first page at the top left-hand corner to make sure.
  • Keep up with your email –Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with NYA.
  • Double-check – First, make sure you have filled out all sections of the application form. Remember that your entire Application Package is not complete until you send in the “Participant Referral Forms” that you will ask your mentor and another adult to fill out for you.
  • Ideas of who to ask for a referral:
  • Mentor (they have to fill one out) – Teacher, NYA alumni, Youth Centre Staff, etc.
  • Your second reference – a teacher, your boss, a co-worker, etc.
  • Immediate family members (mom, dad, sister, brother, etc) are not allowed to be your mentor or second reference.
  • Call us – If you need help or have questions, call the NYA Staff (Rebecca, Nick, Kira, Alissa, Laura, and Penny) at 1-866-212-2307.

If you are filling out the application online or electronically

  • Have your information ready – You will need to fill in your contact information, and things like who your mentor and other referral will be, so be ready with this information.
  • Save a copy – It is important to keep a saved copy just in case.

If you are filling out and faxing a paper copy

  • Single-sided – Make sure your application has been printed on only one side of the paper (7 pages). This makes it much easier to fax once it is filled out.
  • Black Pen, not Pencil – Fill out the application in black ink. Do not use a pencil as it does not show up on the fax machine.
  • Print clearly – Print as clearly as possible on your application so we can read your information correctly.
  • Get it in early if you can – Our fax line gets VERY busy close to the deadline, so it’s a good idea to complete your application as soon as you can and send it in early to avoid any problems sending it to us.
  • Keep a Copy – Whether you submit your application online, or send it via fax, email, or mail, keep a copy of your application in a safe place so you have it if you need to access it later.

What happens after you apply?

  • Your mentor will receive a confirmation when your complete application is received by NYA.
  • NYA will contact you to schedule a short phone interview with one of our selection teams.
  • You will know if whether or not you are selected by mid-December.
  • Selected Participants and Alternates will receive their first assignment pack at the beginning of February.