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NYA relies on the support of a countless number of volunteers, donors, partners and funders in order to deliver high-quality programs to the youth we serve. We are always looking for new partners and volunteers to help grow the strength and impact of our program. Check out below and see how you can make a difference!


Making a donation to NYA is a great way to ensure we are able to meet the needs of the people we serve. As the only travel and education charity dedicated exclusively to addressing the issues that face youth in the north, NYA faces substantially higher costs than other travel programs. The cost of travel in the north is much higher than in the rest of Canada and makes up a large portion of NYA’s expenses as each participant must travel from their remote home community to participate in NYA. A donation can help ensure NYA is able to accommodate as many youth as possible and ensure the greatest impact for participants. Donations of Aeroplan Miles can also be donated to help NYA with travel costs. 

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Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without them, we simply could not run our programs. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer for NYA and help northern youth achieve success. Volunteer opportunities exist in every community across Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, and in communities in every province across Canada each summer. No matter where you are or what you do, you can get involved with NYA as a volunteer.

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Become a Program Partner

NYA often teams up with other programs or organizations to help deliver our programming. Partnering with organizations that specialize in different areas than us allows our participants to access and benefit from programming that they otherwise would not be able to. Sharing the resources of NYA and a partner organization creates a unique opportunity for northern youth to access a variety of new opportunities through NYA.

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Organizations interested in working collaboratively with Northern Youth Abroad are encouraged to contact Rebecca Bisson at

Become a Funding Partner

Funding Partners are the generous corporations, organizations, government departments, businesses, regional associations, councils and foundations that contribute financially to NYA. Without partnerships with these organizations, NYA would not have the capacity to operate its programming. NYA is grateful to these organizations as we are dependent on their support. NYA always makes every effort to recognize the generosity of our Funding Partners and highlight the incredible impact they have on the youth we serve and the North.

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Organizations who are interested in becoming a Funding Partner or who would like more information are encouraged to contact Rebecca Bisson at

Be an Ambassador

NYA relies on the relationships between us and every person who comes in contact with our organization, whether that’s a Workplace, a Host Family, or someone who has heard about us from a friend of a friend. One of the best ways you can help us is to share our messages. Like us on Facebook and share our posts, subscribe to our newsletter, or simply be an ambassador for NYA! You never know the difference you can make by simply starting a conversation.