Post-Secondary Education Support

NYA is dedicated to ensuring a successful and sustainable transition to post-secondary education for our Alumni. We have garnered experience in all aspects of aiding with this transition and continue to make great efforts in trying to support Alumni undertaking post-secondary education (college, university, trades, training) in any way possible.

Areas where we can help:

  • Applying for school
  • Funding
  • Scholarships and Bursaries
  • Housing
  • Deciding what to take
  • Deciding what school to go to
  • Learning about your options
  • Finding programs that meet your interests
  • Budgeting
  • Getting ready to go to school

PSE Transitions

Are you a northerner transitioning or thinking about transitioning into Post Secondary Education (PSE)? This can include college, university, trades programs, preparation programs. If you need help, you can email us at or call the NYA office and we can help you out!

Some 2018 Participants at Algonquin College in Ottawa