Ethan speaks to life in Cole Harbour and his interesting work placement day trips

July 15th, 2015
Ethan B pool

Ethan participating in swimming lessons at Orientation

Well first off, my host family is great! The kids are fun, their house is amazing and they have a lot of cats, which I find pretty cool. Everyone talks about their day, how it was, and what they did. We are getting along great. My work placement is amazing! I work with kids and we do activities like: draw, arts and crafts, colouring, and decorating different items. We have also went on a few day trips so far. Most days, near the end of the day, we play various sports or activities outside. Or if it’s raining we will stay inside and play boardgames – I like playing connect four. So far I’ve went to the mall, walked around there, and bought a few things. I’ve also been to the Cineplex to watch the movie “The Gallows”. It was scary, that’s all I’ll say about it.

Raymond and Ethan B

Ethan, right, with placement buddy Raymond

So far I love it here in Cole Harbour. We’ve had the chance to do some really cool activities. I went on a trip with work to the beach, and to the Biosphere. There we got to see lobsters – blue, orange, and a 15 pound lobster, crabs, a star fish, sea urchins, sea cucumber, and also learned a few cool facts about fish, great white sharks, and leather back tortoises. All to say, everything in my placement is going great. I love my work placement, love my host family, and my placement buddy is awesome. I’d like to thank everyone on the NYA staff, for my work placements, host family, and my placement buddy!

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