Alikammiaraq’s Personal Learning Project

August 16th, 2019

For my personal learning project, I chose Acting–during the session 1 attended, we did vocal movement and physical exercises, after that we did a small scene. The scene that we did, we all had to do three discoveries, which were:

1) Expecting our family to be at the dock before leaving (by ship) for a year

2) Being shocked/ heartbroken to find out the ship has already left

3) Discovering that it hasn’t actually left, and that we’re able to say “bye.”

The reason why I chose acting for my personal learning project is that ever since I was young, I always wanted to attend an acting class–and Nunavut being “isolated” from the rest of Canada, I never had the chance to take an acting class.

When I say Nunavut being “isolated” what I actually mean is, Nunavut is the only territory that doesn’t have connecting roads to other communities, and the cost of flying from one community to another is crazy expensive.
After taking the Acting session, I learnt that I get afraid of public speaking in huge crowds.

What I found interesting is that you don’t have to take Acting to try and become an Actor, you can also taking Acting to be better at doing presentation, or to just get creative/ expand your creativity, or if you just want to learn to be a clear speaker in general.

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