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August 4th, 2020

Last week, our Interns had the chance to talk with Tanya and Nicole from International Experience Canada (IEC). They talked about the kinds of opportunities youth have to travel, learn, and work in Canada and around the world. Here is what our interns had to say (also check out some photos from their own travel experiences!).

“I was very fortunate to be a part of the call we had with IEC. Hearing about the kind of opportunities they offer to youth like me who are eager to learn and travel. My favourite part of the call was having healthy discussions about the importance of development, sustainability, benefits, inclusivity, knowledge, gaining new skills, experiences, building global relationships and connections. I hope to get involved with IEC in the near future”

Lilly Parr, Cape Dorset NU

“During the call with International Experience Canada I was amazed to hear about such a wonderful opportunity. My first thought was, ‘everybody back home should be applying to this.’ I’m thankful to have been a part of the call as it made me remember how much fun I had going to other countries. You not only learn about the other country (day-to-day life, culture, history) you also learn so much about yourself, and who you are in the world. I look forward to hearing more success stories of Northerners travelling outside of their home.”

Jordan Takkiruq, Gjoa Haven NU

“I was honored to be on a call with International Experience Canada, it felt like a next step for me in my travel career. I graduated this year from Algonquin College with a diploma in Tourism and Travel Services. Hearing their stories and the experiences they have given youth was incredible. They learned a lot about different cultures, lifestyles, traditions, and brought it home with them. We got to chat about where we each got to travel to as well, and we pretty much said the same thing about bringing home what we learned. For example, I spent a summer in Costa Rica and brought home sustainability. I try to use it in my everyday life. I hope to experience this myself with IEC or even know future students that will. It’s an experience of a lifetime.”

Patti Wedawin, Gameti NT

“It was nice to hear from International Experience Canada. I know they offer great experiences such as cross-cultural learning, international travel and self-independence. One of my friends took part in this program and I was amazed by the things she had done and accomplished. It has inspired me to take part one day because I’d like to share my culture and also learn about different cultures. I believe that getting out of your comfort zones are ways you grow as a person. It’s important to take a chance.”

Hayley Totalik, Taloyoak NU

“Learning about previous International Experience Canada success stories and how beneficial it can be, especially if you are a young graduate, was encouraging to me. Aspects of independence, learning of other cultures, different ways of living, and international travel were what caught my interest. This presentation highlighted such great points that are relevant to many northern youth. The program is definitely an option for me and made me think about my own next steps. Thank you IEC for sharing this opportunity!”

Topsy Banksland, Ulukhaktok NT

Learn more about IEC, their programs and what they do here!

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