Allistair reflects on the differences between home and Glencoe, ON

July 18th, 2018

My name is Allistair Wetrade and I am from the Northwest Territories. I’m 17 and this is my first year with Northern Youth Abroad. My work placement is great. I work with kids, read to them, and play when they want me to. My co-workers are very wonderful and helpful as well.  The host family that I am staying with for 5 weeks is awesome and kind. While they do set some rules, I’m fine with it because i know it is helping me to learn, and setting me on the right path. When I finish my assignments, my host family take us to do something fun. 

I am staying in Glencoe, Ontario for the summer. In my opinion the culture here is different than it is back home. One challenge I’ve had while being here is having curfew. Also, the summer in the south has been very hot while at home it isn’t this hot. I also had the chance to visit Niagara Falls which was peaceful and beautiful. I loved the sound of the falls. I also tried vegan food for the first time!

My time in the south so far has been great and I have had the chance to learn more about life here. I would love to come back and visit again one day. Thank you for reading my blog.



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