Angela updates us on all she’s been doing London

July 20th, 2015

Sandra, Alisha, Angela and Kyla together in London

My name is Angela from Igloolik and I was placed in London, Ontario with my buddy Sandra from Baker Lake. I am placed to volunteer at the Museum of Archeology where I am working with children as a counselor. I have learnt a lot of things about archeology, archeologists, myths and legends, dinosaurs, and fossils. We also do some outdoor games. My favourite is water day (we have balloon fights!) and Quest days.

I am enjoying my stay so far! My host family (or parents) Arlene and Gary are very nice, welcoming and funny. They make sure we are happy and all, which I appreciate very much. They don’t have any kids or pets. Arlene has a niece, her name is Sabrina and it turns out that she is my second cousin! What a fluke. Anyway, the highlights of this program to me, is that there are so much differences from where I live, such as, the temperature, food prices, distance, even personalities.  Yes, I do get homesick. Even a break from work, or just a little bit of sleeping in, but it eventually goes away. I am very lucky to be in this program where we are very well taken care of, and most importantly, we aren’t doing it alone. We have friends who are going through similar struggles and we are all helping each other through <3. It’s already week 3! One night, we were having Chinese food, we all opened our fortune cookies and mine was “The things you are doing will eventually pay off” or something like that. I was proud. It made me think of this program. And Sandra had “A person can’t get you off their mind” Haha!

Angela and marcus

Angela and Marcus

I am also having fun going to new places and doing new things. We get to choose our plans for after dinner, or during weekends. Credit to Arlene, she drives us anywhere. <3 This weekend, we went to a cottage and felt very much at home. The roads weren’t paved, decorated and there wasn’t so many cars passing by. I loved the little things in nature! And next weekend, my brother Marcus and his buddy Paul are coming to spend the weekend with us. So happy! We are planning to go to Canada’s Wonderland and go for crazy rides.

I am glad to be placed where I am. It’s good to be gaining experiences, leadership, work skills and having great support from friends.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again at Re-O and just hearing how everyone’s summer went! I’m really enjoying “my summer” in London. I love this program.

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