April looks forward to the rest of the summer

July 23rd, 2018

My name is April Beaulieu and I am 18. This is my first year participating in Northern Youth Aboard. I graduated from Chief Jimmy Bruneau Regional High School in Behchoko. This program helps me open up to people, make new friends, and learn about the different cultures.

My favourite part so far was orientation because at first I would only socialize with Allistair, Sharon, and Chaz but thanks to orientation I’ve learned I have so many common interests with the people I’ve met.

My host family includes Deb Branston and her two sons Matthew and Micah. They also have two pets, a dog name Finn who is only four months old and cute. They also have a cat name “Lovely” who is chubby and quiet. Micah and Matthew play video games they have gotten used to Jailyn and I since we first got here.

London, Ontario is my host community and my placement is at the London Children’s Museum where I roam around, tidy up, help with the programs, and the learning garden. The thing I’m looking forward to is Canada’s Wonderland because Deb is taking me and Jailyn there next week and I’m excited for the adventures I’ll have.

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