Chantel shares her experience in Sidney, BC

August 4th, 2015

Chantel & nikki

Being a participant for Northern Youth Abroad has been such an amazing, wonderful, and unforgettable experience. I’ve been placed in Sidney BC with the most amazing host parents Glen and Cathy Brown. They have two daughters Emily and Danielle, and are also hosting two other girls, Anne Marie & Marie Christine, that are from Quebec and also in Sidney for a summer program. We have met most of the family members and have been spending a lot of time with Cathy’s younger cousin Charlene and her 10 year old son Colton. He is such a character who loves being outdoors, going fishing and especially swimming in the pool we have in our back yard.

Recently since my placement buddy Nikki Tutcho and I have arrived on this beautiful side of Canada, we’ve spent our first weekend in Victoria and were invited by Debbie, who is the host mom for Chelsea and Mary, to spend the day with them. We went to the Mayfair mall, swimming at they’re hotel, to a fishery to have supper, along with feeding a seal. Later in the day we took a taxi ferry ride on this little lake area to check out some scenery, and then Debbie was kind enough to show us parts of Victoria and drove us back to Sidney. Nikki and I have also been taking the bus to Victoria regularly to go shopping, walking around experiencing the city, and visiting the pier in 11778123_891584257599089_1735849592_n Sidney to see the seals. On Thursdays we’ve been going to the market they have all through Main street buying fresh fruit, baked goods and more.
This Sunday my host dad Glen took Charlene, Colton, MC & I kayaking in Brentwood. I never knew how much I missed it and how beautiful the scenery was. We got to see a family of sea otters which really freaked me out to the point where I almost flipped over because they popped out so close to the kayak, than I got myself stuck in an area surrounded by thousands of jellyfish that scared me even more. Over all it was an amazing beginning to our day that ended with Kira & Nick visiting us.

The last few weekends we have in Sidney our host parents will be taking us on a tour of the University of Victoria, whale watching, and zip lining in Sooke. I work at Adel’s Play & Discover House with 5 amazing little kids Jason, Morgan, Alexander, Marianne & Memphis, who I will miss so much and I’ve been told many times they’ll miss they’re new teacher Chantelle. I also work 11780606_891584250932423_1410549654_nwith an amazing supervisor, Adelina. I have also met her daughter Audrey along with her granddaughter Samoan. They have been very welcoming and loving. Recently we have taken the kids to the Sidney museum, along with the Sidney aquarium twice to see the Octopi. Every Friday we watch a movie and have water play. Within these few weeks we plan to take them to the beach and to the butterfly garden.

I have to say I love it here so much to the point where I’m thinking of possibly relocating here for post-secondary school. I suggest to whoever is thinking of applying to this program, do it! It’s a great experience with an amazing group of staff at Northern Youth Abroad. I’m glad I listened to everyone who supported me to get to where I am right now and I am so looking forward to attending the international program in the future.

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