Chris shares his NYA story

July 26th, 2016
Chris Eetuk

Chris working on assignments at NYA’s Orientation Camp in Ottawa. (Photo: Thorsten Gohl)

My name is Chris Eetuk and I’m from Coral Harbour, NU. Been in Ottawa for 3 weeks now, first day with my host family was fun. I’m working at a science camp for kids at the University of Ottawa. First day of work I didn’t like, but they made a change, same place but older kids and it was good the rest of the way. After the first week we went to Shawinigan, Quebec for a Yoga Retreat, met people from accross the world, the first person became a good friend, his name was Adrian and he was from Mexico City, then I met a girl named Malena and she was from Argentina, also Sophie, and then a boy named Suvan. He was from New York and he was Indian. During my time in Quebec, i did a course called the Yes! course, and we did some meditation, one was breathing, and then we did Kriya, it really helped me with my stress, then we did an obstacle course through the trees. It was climbing, running and ziplining. I was the first one to start and finish. I waited for my placement buddy AJ at the end for half an hour, then he finally came to the end. They said by the time they were at the second part of the course I was in the middle, I had a blast, had some sad moments and some moments I was the happiest. I also went to the water park and went on 6 rides and saw strong men carrying 300 pounds and lifting a car. Had a really great time and bonded with my host family and buddy. I met a Famous Yoga teacher and his name was Sri Sri, he was wise and handsome, he has been to Iqaluit, NU. He went for a dog sled ride, and went on the land, I was glad he found it beautiful. On the drive home, it took 6 hours, passed through Montreal, had A&W and some Tim’s. Then when we got home, we tidied up and I slept good. Yesterday, I went to work and it was raining while I was walking to the bus stop. It was gloomy and made me feel bad, but I went to work, and had a really good day. Went home and had a good talk with my host mom.  When I’m around them or with them, everything is good, they make me feel like I’m at home. I have a strong connection with them and call them mom and dad. I call AJ my little brother, we have gotten so close during our time here. I dont even wanna go home. But, I cant wait to see my friends, my bed and my family. I can’t wait til the NYA Re-Orientation. I can’t wait to see my friends, and I can’t wait to tell my story about my time here.

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