Clyde River’s Eric writes about his summer

July 22nd, 2016
Eric Illauq

Eric at NYA’s Orientation Camp in Ottawa. Photo: Thorsten Gohl

Hi my name is Eric Illauq and I’m from Clyde River, Nunavut.

I was placed in Hamilton, Ontario. I found a lot of things that we don’t have back home, such as restaurants, 5-10 story buildings, stores, etc. In Hamilton its very warm, cause from where I live it only goes up to like +10 to +13, in Hamilton it goes all the way up to +25 to +35 or better. I couldn’t stand the humid on the first two or three weeks. My host parents names are Bob and Teresa Tomlinson, they are awesome; they are very welcoming and they make their house “your house”. What I like about my host parents and my buddy is that they’re really welcoming and very nice. My work placement is called Speedy Auto Service. I usually do oil changing, sweep the floor, pump the tires and help other workers when I don’t have anything more to do at my work place. I went to Canada’s Wonderland and I went to this huge ride, it scared me and my placement buddy passed out while we were still riding it. I got to enjoy every bit of it.  I did a few presentations at the orientation, I could’ve done more if I wasn’t a shy person – but I know for sure that I’ll be able to talk more and do more when we go back to re-orientation.

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