Dawn’s summer in Newfoundland

August 5th, 2019

My name is Dawn Siutinuar. I am from Coral Harbour, Nunavut. I am part of the 2019 Canadian program.

I was placed in St. Johns, Newfoundland and I work at Paul Reynolds Community Centre. It is a summer day camp and I enjoy being a part of this work placement. I work with a small staff team, taking care of 40 kids (there are 9 of us in total). We do all kinds of things together such as swimming, playing active games, art crafts, go to the playground, and go to the gym at least once a day. Sometimes we go on fieldtrips too. Everyday I go to work through the city bus.

On my free time I go to the mall, watch movies, play soccer, and baseball (I will play in a baseball tournament this weekend), do things with my host parents and buddy, and sometimes just rest at home.  My buddy and I did a 2 day program called YWCA Young Women Leadership Program. We learnt so much and met quite a few people.

My host parents, buddy, and I do things whenever we have time. We went to a pride parade, a bonfire, BBQ in Flatrock, Whale watching, Ferry trip to Bell Island, and went hiking in Cape Spear, which is the most eastern part of Canada. We are planning on squeezing in more activities – as many as possible!

I’d like to thank my mentor Alyssa, my mom Doreen, my auntie Faith, host parents Erin and Kent, and everyone else who helped me get through this program.

2 thoughts on “Dawn’s summer in Newfoundland

  1. Doreen Siutinuar

    Proud mother here! You are surely missed! I’m so grateful for all who helped to make this happen! I thank my girl’s host parents for welcoming her! Thank you seems so small but I’m sure we will get an opportunity to meet you, someday! Home soon for my beautiful girl! Woohoo!


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