Emily explores Powell River

August 4th, 2016

Emily (left) explores Powell River with Placement Buddy Julie (middle) and fellow Participant Mahasi (right).

Hi my name is Emily Kakkee and I’m from Grise Fiord, NU. I was placed in Powell River, BC and it’s very beautiful here. I love the trees and the weather here. When I first went to Ottawa I had to travel alone which was scary because I never done that before. I am working at the BC SPCA I love it there since I get to be with animals. At the SPCA there is a lot of cleaning to do but it’s worth it by being with the animals and meeting new people.

I got to see amazing things I never get to see in Grise Fiord like going to logger sports with my placement buddy Julie we also got to go blueberry picking and plum picking which was exciting. I got to go hiking at a beach trail which was amazing. I loved seeing new things I never got to see and after the hike we went to play mini golf which was fun. I can’t wait to go home and tell everyone about my time at NYA.

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