Hayley; from Nunavut to Nova Scotia

July 27th, 2016
Hayley with tunes

Hayley on placement in Truro

Hi, my name is Hayley Totalik and I’m from Taloyoak, Nunavut. This is my first time with NYA. I got a phone call from the NYA staff a day just before I left home asking if I wanted to go on this trip. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, but now with all the things I’ve learned and accomplished I’m glad I got to do this. In the past 25 days I’ve grown so much in so many ways; independence, self-confidence and job experience. I’ve realized how important my culture is. I’m so excited to do my presentation about my home in my host community because I want more youth to realize that there is so much more out there, to tell them that you could do anything if you set your mind to it.

In Ottawa during orientation we did lots of fun activities, we went to a baseball game which was fun, even though I didn’t really pay much attention. We got to go swimming, and one of my favourite things we did is the time we ate smores near the camp fire then later that night we watched fireworks. I also got to meet so many awesome people from all over Nunavut and Northwest territories.

I’m placed in Truro, Nova Scotia. It is such a beautiful place. We went to Victoria Park and climbed Jacob’s Latter and so many other fun things- like shopping at the mall and exploring the city. I’m volunteering at food bank and the people there are so nice, I’m happy I got to do this. I’ve stepped way out of my comfort zone to do all these amazing things. I want to thank the NYA staff for giving us this once in a life time opportunity that I know all of us who took part in this program will never forget.

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