James reports on all the activities he’s been up to in Bobcaygeon

July 29th, 2015

James and Robert out on the lake

Hey it’s James here – I am from Rankin Inlet, NU and I was placed in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. My work placement is at Duncan’s Auto Service. My host parents are Scott Livie and Beth Gilroy and they have 2 children named Robbie (7) and Findley (4), and they own a cat named Agatha. I have learnt a lot about repairing vehicles and ways to take care of them properly. My supervisor is Duane Black and I work with him, Chad and Rob at my work placement. So far I’ve been to a Blue Jays game with my host family – the Jays won the game. I’ve also been tubing with my host family and my host father’s brother on both Golden lake and Catchacoma lake.

I went for a walk around Toronto, where we went to an aboriginal pavilion and participated in the activities that they were demonstrating. I’ve also went to the Pan Am games with my friend for the first time and it was great. I got to see Serena Ryder, Pitbull and Kanye West perform at the closing ceremony. After that we went to go see the fireworks display outside of the Rogers Center where the fireworks were going off on top of the CN tower – it was amazing!

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