Jayme’s awesome NYA summer

August 4th, 2016

My name is Jayme Nerysoo from Fort McPherson, NT. A population of 1000 people I think. This summer I am placed in Kitchener, Ontario and volunteering at THE MUSEUM with other volunteers in a summer camp for kids ages 4-12 years old. Each week I work with different ages of kids. My host family is Eldon and Carol Binkley and their dog Jackson. My host buddy is Joan Lafferty. They are very kind people. My host parents are very welcoming, kind, and nice.

Jayme takes a swing during one of her weekly baseball games.

Jayme takes a swing during one of her weekly baseball games.

So far during my stay here in Kitchener it was a great experience for me. The heat is so humid and way hotter than back home. So far I went camping almost every weekend. I went to Niagara Falls and experienced the falls, which was something everyone should see some day. We went to the Toronto Blue Jays game, which was so fun and exciting. Sadly, they lost to a close game of 2-1. I also went to the Ripley’s Aquarium, that was something to see; all the different kinds of fishes, sharks, jellyfish, and you know, the other things you see in an aquarium hahaha. Me and my host buddy went to Canada’s Wonderland which was so much fun, we went on so many scary rides. We went on a ride called “Extreme Sky Flyer” it’s on of Canada’s largest free falling swings. On the Sky Flyer we control our own ride experience by pulling the ripcord and initiating a 153 foot fall. I guess me and Joan went on it and I pulled the cord, as we were going in the air and Joan was telling me a story, half-way through her story I pulled the cord and all I heard from her after that was nothing but screaming LOL. Eldon plays baseball every Tuesday in a baseball league. I played one night and the next week I WAS going to watch but ended up playing again. Now I’ll play every Tuesday until I go back home. I’m having a real good time so far and am real excited for reorientation in Ottawa to see everyone from orientation again.

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