Jeremiah visiting the local markets in Costa Rica

August 1st, 2019

Hola, mi nombre es Jeremiah Nakashuk.

I am a participant of the International program and I will be sharing about the markets we have visited here in Costa Rica. The first market we visited was an organic market which is the biggest market that sells the most organic food in the country, they had smoked trout, local coffee, all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The second supermarket we visited was the central market which I think is the oldest market. It’s indoors and everything was kinda compact, so the halls we walked to different stalls were a bit narrow so it was easy to get lost. We had our lunch in that market, I had Olla De Carne, it’s one of the traditional foods in Costa Rica. It is prepared with beef, potatoes, and other vegetables.

The third market we went to was more of a souvenir market, like I said, it’s more of a souvenir market so they had a lot of things like shirts, stuffed animals, keychains, arts and crafts. The shop keepers that spoke English were kind of intimidating, they were really good at pulling you in and trying to sell you what they have.

The last market we visited was smaller than the rest that we visited. It is near the college where we are staying. Most of the stalls were local farmers with different types of fruits and vegetables. That’s all I have to talk about the markets we visited.

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