Karlene takes us through her experience so far as an International participant

July 29th, 2015

KarleneHello to all the participants, my name is Karlene Isaiah and I’m from Fort Liard, NWT. I was a Canadian Participant for NYA in 2012. My host buddy was Valerie MacKenzie, who is here with me for the International Phase. We were both placed in Shawinigan Lake, BC. We experienced and learned so much, it’s amazing that we get to do it again here in Ottawa, ON. My work placement in BC was at Harlequin Nature Graphics Ltd. Our host family was good to us, they made sure we had something to do every week and introduced us to their friends and family.

The first week in Ottawa, ON at Orientation camp, we learned a lot about our group leaders are and what we’re going to learn and see in Guatemala. I am nervous and excited to travel outside of Canada as it will be my first time flying internationally.

Taking Construction and Spanish classes was so much fun for the 3 weeks that we’ve been here. The first few days of Construction was uneasy for me as I found out that I’m deathly terrified of the table saw. Nothing bad has happened it’s just loud noises that I don’t take too kindly to. Lol I thought construction wasn’t for me but I love it – but only the hand tools lol. Our construction teacher Craig and Spanish teacher Jackie were so patience and I’m thankful they took the time to teach us what they know. We made picture frames and dog houses which are going to shelters for dogs in need. Knowing that makes our work feel that much more special and satisfying. Spanish class was great, the classes always went by quickly.

Being here at Algonquin College has definitely laid all my anxiety and nervousness feelings to rest. We’ve all had to be responsible for ourselves. Waking up early, getting to class on time, making sure your assignments are done, etc. I’m looking forward to college this fall in Fort Smith, NT.

I am honoured to be an International Participant for NYA. It is truly life changing and it teaches you things that will help you through any challenge life has to throw at you. I recommend this program to every eligible person in Canada. I don’t want this program to end, it’s been so satisfying and I feel like our International group is not just close friends but family, and that’s what I want everyone to experience. The joy and love you receive and give back out into this world.

Gracias (thank you) for reading my blog and I hope you pass on the word in your community about how NYA has been so amazing in many ways to so many lives.

Karlene Isaiah from Fort Liard, NT, an International Participant of 2015. Buenos Noches.

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