Kathleen’s summer in Wolfville, NS

August 29th, 2016

Kathleen shows off her puzzle piece for NYA’s collaborative project at Re-Orientation Camp in Ottawa. (Photo Credit: Thorsten Gohl)

Hi my name is Kathleen Akikuluk and I’m from Arctic Bay Nunavut. I was placed in Nova Scotia to work at Wolfville Children Centre to work here for the summer to gain work experience. I was happy about where I’m going to work here at Children Centre and I enjoyed working with children. The people here are so kind and supportive and now I have more knowledge how to work with children. My host mother’s name is Sheila Richardson. She is a caring person. She also is enjoying us staying here with her for the summer. We went to shopping many times, went to the beach, and also to the theatres to see Finding Dory, Tarzan, Mike and Dave, Ghost Buster’s, Bad Mom’s, and Central intelligence. Also Sheila is a good host mother and I will miss her. I’m glad I was chosen to be with her for the summer.

Down south is very different than where I live. The population is very high but where I live the population is low, and the prices are very low here but where I live the prices are so high, for example 1 can of pop cost 6$! But the prices will go back to normal once the sealift comes and delivers a new shipment of supplies for the year. The weather here in Wolfville is so warm which bothers me sometimes, but sometimes I like the warm weather. There are so many different things between my community and in the south, I will name few of the differences. In my community we have two stores, no daycare, one school and a college, we have a gym and community hall where people can do sports and dances but both are closed during the summertime in my community. I enjoyed staying in Wolfville over summer with my placement buddy and host mother. We went to the Evangeline Beach look off where you can see everything up there, and we went to Halifax for shopping. And I like where I was working for the summer at Wolfville Children centre and I hope to be better now when I get my next job somewhere.

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