Lutie’s placement in Nepean

August 1st, 2019

Hello. My name is Lutie Kaviok and I’d like to thank my mentor Ryan Bauer and my community for helping me have this opportunity.

I had a blast past these few weeks, I did a lot of stuff that I wanted to do I went to the mall to shop, I went to Canadas wonderland, I finally played video games with fast internet, going to the CN Tower, go to a zoo, and I went to Toronto for the weekend.

My host parent is Cindy Dunning. She has 2 awesome boys, their names are clem and saul they are really fun to hang out with, I went to a escape room with saul, Nathan, Greg, and Cindy and we escaped it. Clem is really easy to get along with, he plays games a lot just like me. We went to the cottage, we went canoeing and swimming. Cindy is really welcoming, she has a lot of love going towards everybody she meets, her cooking is the best and I’ll never get tired of it and finally, she will never get tired of you.
I would like to thank everybody for helping me get to this point. Especially Nathan, Cindy, Jillian, And my Family.

My work placement is in Ottawa, the building is called Nepean creative arts. I did claymation, helped kids paint, and supervised the kids. I am enjoying the work placement because I made new friends and I am getting along with the workers there. There’s also a gym there so I can work out during lunch so I really like my work placement.

I really hope to get into another program like this so I can experience more things just like Northern Youth Abroad.

Thank you for reading my Blog
Sincerely Lutie.

4 thoughts on “Lutie’s placement in Nepean

  1. Lainey benson

    What a fantastic experience you are having. And yes, Cindy’s family is wonderful. I’m so happy it’s been great for you!

  2. Joss Swimmings

    Hey Lutie,

    It sounds like you’re having a fabulous time in this part of Ontario. I am a neighbour of Cindy’s at the cottage and happy you enjoyed Clayton Lake. I think you guys are all lucky to have each other this summer!

    All the best,

  3. Tim Thibeault

    Hi Lutie,
    It was great fun working with you this summer. I KNOW the kids enjoyed meeting someone who has actually seen a polar bear and who could tell them whether their drawings were accurate. I do hope you make it back to Ottawa and that we can work together again some time.
    Cheers pal, and thank you again for all your help,


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