Lynn in Manotick

August 16th, 2019

Hello, my name is Lynn, I’m 16 and a participant in the Canadian program of northern youth abroad, I’m from the small community of WhaTi, and my placement is in a part of Ottawa called Manotick.

I used to stay in Owen Sound, but due to a little interruption of a little miscommunication, I had to move to another family. My new host mother name is Ruth B. (Nickname) and her husband Dave, they have three beautiful daughters that are kind of close to our age, and they are pretty nice, understandable and patience with us, as we try to wake up in the morning, we still arrive to work on time, and tired. 

My work placement schedule is different, we both have to work at two different libraries, the manotick public library is ten minutes away and only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, because Monday is close and Friday is half off, and I only heard the other is more bigger and yeah, lots of books.

The things me and my buddy Sheena has done so far, is kayaking, went to the movies and watched the new Lion King, Toy Story 4, and soon to be the new Spider-Man; far from home. As we go to manotick, we went to the three story mall called Bayshore and only thing came out of there is a build-a-bear, which I got a pikachu named my own, then went to a centre called Byward, it has the sign Ottawa and took some pictures. And the arcade, Fun haven’, it has a mini rollercoaster that spins around, laser tag, and bumper cars. And for the first time, we went to Ikea, and laid on beds for a nap.

To be honest, not long ago, I was homesick and wanted to go home, I felt sad and all, but they say I only have less then two weeks and can do it, I talked to my sister about it, saying to call or tell her if something like this happens again, but now I’m pretty excited to go back to Re-O and reunite with others, hoping that they have a good time traveling.

Thanks for taking the time for reading my one of a kind blog. Eh?

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