Megan’s summer from Arctic to Maritime

August 25th, 2016

Megan displays her contribution to the group puzzle activity at NYA’s Re-Orientation Camp in Ottawa. (Photo Credit: Thorsten Gohl)

Hello, my name is Megan Maliki. I live in Hall-Beach, Nu. I was placed in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. My work placement is at Joes Food Emporium, people there are kind, the foods good. I like the program because I get to travel outside of Nunavut, gain work experience, meet new people, and get high school credits. It was kinda hard to deal being far from home but I made it through. At beginning of the week I really wanted to go home because I miss my friends and relatives, and I still went this far. When I finally met some people my homesickness got away. My host mother is Sheila Richardson, she lives alone but Kathleen and I were with her for the summer. We enjoy staying with her. She took us shopping, to beach and to Upper Clements Park, where Kathleen and I went on a roller coaster, Rocco planes, and pedal boats, which was fun. We also went to the theatres and saw “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” “Finding Dory” “Bad Moms” “Tarzan” “Ghost Busters” “Lights Out” and “Purge”.

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