Napassi Joseph from Arctic Bay gives an update on NYA Next

July 19th, 2016

Napassi is seen here playing volleyball with fellow NYA Next Participants during free time at the Algonquin College residence. (Photo: Thorsten Gohl)

My name is Napassi Joseph, I am from Arctic Bay Nunavut. I did my Canadian Phase in 2013. I was placed in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

This summer is the best summer ever!! I am so thankful for the NYA staff for giving me this awesome opportunity. NYA next gave me hope and confidence. I am telling you that, who ever is reading this, if you did this program, you’d have so much fun too. The best program ever. We went to the Ottawa Champions baseball game and we will be going to a Toronto Blue Jays game when we get to Toronto. Our course this summer is carpentry. I thought I would never like carpentry but it is my favourite thing to do now. I hope more people will apply for this program next year. If you think this program will give you nothing, you are wrong. It will give you anything you wanted this summer. Some of the other participants saw a wild turkey but I did not so I hope I get to see one when we get to re-orientation. We also did “lets talk science” and I got to see what my DNA look like lol. fun! I will never forget this experience.

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