Olaf from Grise Fiord checks in

July 19th, 2016
Olaf tries out an experiment during some Let's Talk Science programming. Credit: Thorsten Gohl

Olaf tries out an experiment during some Let’s Talk Science programming. Credit: Thorsten Gohl

Hi my name is Olaf Christensen, I’m from Grise Fiord, NU.

I’m going to be telling you about my experiences in Ottawa from this summer. During Orientation we went to go see the baseball game which was really exciting because it was my first time to attend a baseball game. On our first arrival to Algonquin college, we settled in for a day and went shopping at Rideau Centre. Started our carpentry class on Monday of our first week, and our first task was to make a picture frame and we are still in the process of making it, and also did some activities like playing sports at the court yard with the college students.

Before we did our first presentation to the Britannia Woods event, my group and I had to go work on it at the aboriginal centre but it was closed and we also got lost in the building hahaha. On our second presentation, we went to Jaku Konbit and did our presentation there which was really interesting because they we’re mostly from the middle eastern Africa and we played some activities with them, had some barbequed burgers and got to know them a little more. We also did ”lets talk science’’ which was fun, we learnt about our DNA and did some other fun stuff related to science. On the morning of July 14 we did the programming with ‘’OCISCO’’ and with immigrants from Syria, which was interesting, we demonstrated some Inuit games to them and they really enjoyed it. We also had some volunteers from the Syrian people try out our Inuit games and had some barbequed burgers and hotdogs.

On the weekend of Friday, we went camping at the Fitzroy Provincial Park, it was so much fun! it was my first time camping in the south! We went beaching and played beach volley ball and also saw a raccoon eating our garbage at night, it was so funny. Well, because we thought it would come in to our tents so we were very cautious to see what was going to happen. We told scary ghost stories at night by the fire pit which was nice and relaxing and also very horrific.

Furthermore, we still have like 3 weeks left of the program to end our summer. Ill keep you guys all updated!

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