Rahabi shares her love of Wolfville

July 30th, 2015

Rahabi preparing to go dragon boating

Hello, this is Rahabi Nattak – I’m a 2015 NYA Canadian phase participant. My host community is in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It’s a very nice, little community. I volunteer at the Wolfville Children Center, I love working there. The children come up to me and ask for help or to play, and the teachers seem very happy that they have another helping hand. In my spare time I have been doing dragon boat racing. The team I participate with are called the Breast Quest. They do dragon boat racing in support and to raise money for breast cancer. I have enjoyed helping them out and love paddling. Wolfville is an awesome place. In the future I would like to come back and see how it has changed and see all the wonderful sights again. What I love about this little town is that it has a lot of history and wonderful sights. The best part about Wolfville are the chimney swifts, where a lot of birds fly into a chimney at dusk, which is pretty cool and lovely to watch.


Rahabi Nattak

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