Renee’s summer in Flatrock, Newfoundland

August 5th, 2019

My name is Renee Okalik and I am from Whale Cove, NU. I am also a participant in Northern Youth Abroad (NYA). This opportunity wouldn’t happen without you guys believing in me.

For my job I am volunteering at is a Traditional Coffee House. I worked with mostly ladies and a few teenagers (they’re wonderful people). The responsibilities I had was to prepare for the busy lunch hour.

In my host family, they are Willow and Dave Anderson, and my host little brother, Dexter. Very loving, kind people they are. The things I get to do over the summer is to go on road trips/ vacation, go to concerts, and attend different activities like drum dancing.

Before this program, I was a timid person. NYA even got me doing a presentation which has helped me a lot so far about talking publicly.
After being a participant in NYA, I will volunteer in some activities at home. Encourage other youths to join this program. This program got me thinking about what I want to become. An Inuk educator to teach people about my people.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Renee Okalik

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