Sam fills us in with his adventures in Kingston

August 17th, 2017

Hello, my name is Samuel Panikpa Ootoova and I am fifteen years old. I will be talking about my experience in Kingston, Ontario.

This is (was) my first time going down south alone. I made many memories during my time in Ottawa at orientation and re-orientation and Kingston where my placement was. The friends I made I made during Orientation are really nice and the staff of NYA that stayed with us are also nice and really caring for the participants. The things we did at Orientation were really fun. We went swimming, learned how to budget, learned some first-aid basics, some safety tips, and had a cultural night (for both Nunavut and the North West Territories).

While I was in Kingston my placement buddy, Pualoosie Alorut, and I stayed with a host family who had eight cats. We had a lot of fun during our placement doing different things like kayaking and going to an arcade. We also went to a fundraising event for dogs.

While I was in Kingston I met so many nice people along the way over the past summer, most of which was at my Work placement called Panchancho which has a café, bakery, and does take out. Overall I really enjoyed my whole experience and would recommend it to anyone else wanting to get work experience and travel.

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