Savanna develops independence in Ottawa, ON

October 12th, 2016

Savanna volunteered as a youth leader at a YMCA camp for kids.

Hello everyone! My name is Savanna Pikuyak. I’m from Hall Beach, Nunavut. I’m a participant in the Canadian Program with Northern Youth Abroad and I was placed in Ottawa, Ontario volunteering at a YMCA youth summer camp with an age group from 6-9. I thought I never had a chance to go this year since I was an Alternate but I get a call the day before Orientation from NYA asking if I can go the next day, of course I said yes. I had a loving and welcoming host family with whom I got really close. My host parents welcomed many international students into their home but never from their own country, so it was a first for everybody. I took buses going to work so I became independent going to other places like the mall and other parts of Ottawa. The activities I did during the summer were: going to go see the Northern Lights Show downtown at the Parliament Hill, seeing horses for the first time, going to the National Art Gallery, and playing in the pool with my triplet host brothers and sister! Living in the south gave me the opportunity to get glasses. I had a great time at Orientation and Re-Orientation because I learned about other cultures and met other youth like me. I encourage youth from my community to apply for this program because I want them to experience what’s it like to live in the south and the opportunities you have while living here. NYA gives you the chance to be part of something big and I really enjoyed my experience!

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