Tyreisha’s BC adventure!

August 13th, 2016

Tyreisha (left) with her placement buddy Chantell. (Photo Credit: Thorsten Gohl)

Hello people, it’s me. Tyreisha Rabesca! I am from Gameti, Northwest Territories, and my summer placement is in British Columbia, a city named Campbell River. It is very different here than it is at home. There is so much multi-culture here from my prospective. Definitely a lot more people here than home, because at home there’s 350+ in Gameti, and it’s about 31,188+ people here. The scenery is so beautiful. My host mother, Debbie, is so awesome! I love my placement here, and blessed enough to know her! My work placement is at the Laichwiltach Family Life Society with a program called Little Fry daycare, where I watch kids each day, Monday through Friday. I like working with kids. At first, working the little fry was really weird for me because I wasn’t really “feeling” it, but after a couple of weeks in I loved it and didn’t wanna change. We (as in me, other coworkers and the kids) will go on field trips to parks, the outdoor pool, and a water park. Its all fun, boring on days, and tiring altogether, but working with kids are a blessing!! 🙂

So far, the things I’ve done was go on trips to Nanaimo a few times, and Victoria, British Columbia. Vic was so beautiful! I even got to see other participants – Dallas and Brandon – it was very fun exploring Victoria with them!! I loved it there. I actually wanna go to university there! In the city of Nanaimo, I went to a place called Wildplay, and tried to conquer my fear of heights. Still am afraid, but I’m overcoming the fear. (:

NYA is a great opportunity for others in the north who are thinking of applying, its really worth it to become the person you wanna be (strong, independent, and more confident). IT’S A MUST! A huge masi cho (thank you) too the NYA peeps for giving me this awesome opportunity, and to my teacher from back home (who was also my mentor) for bugging me to do the winter assignments each day to get done! And my mum for also bugging me with the assignments, and to those who supported me on this journey!

Masi cho to those who took a few minutes to read my blog!


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