Want to get involved with NYA? Each year, NYA relies on hundreds of volunteers who support our participants in many different capacities and make our programs possible. Learn about the current opportunities and how to get involved below!


Each Participant selects an adult in their community to serve as a Mentor. The Mentor helps their Participant work through the required assignments and activities, encourages him/her through moments of doubt, tracks required volunteer hours, connects the student to alumni or other community members who help them prepare, and communicates with the NYA Staff in times of need.  This year NYA will have over 80 Mentors in Nunavut and the NWT.

Mentors are often high school teachers and community leaders in the north, as well as NYA Alumni. Community members interested in becoming Mentors are encouraged to promote NYA to youth in their community in the fall and assist interested youth with their applications. Ultimately the choice lies with the participant for who their Mentor will be, however, anyone who knows a current NYA Participant can offer to support and assist them in their preparations.

Host Families

Host Families are volunteers across southern Canada who welcome two youth into their homes for five weeks in the summer. They provide a home base for participants while they are challenged to live out of their comfort zones in order to gain experience, skills and personal growth. Host Families provide not only room and board, but the unique experience of living within a family in southern Canada, facilitating cross-cultural exchange and personal development, as well as providing a caring and supportive environment in which the participants can succeed on the program.

NYA seeks applications for Host Families in February/March each year to host a pair of youth for 5 weeks in July and early August. Interested families may find more information at the link below and are encouraged to contact Kira Zanyk Davey at kira@nya.ca.
Learn more about hosting with NYA

Work Placement Supervisors

During the summer placement, each NYA Participant in the Canadian Program volunteers at a workplace in their host community in order to gain new skills, earn high school credits and acquire work experience in a field related to their personal interests. Work Placement Supervisors are responsible for training the participant placed with them, helping them integrate into the team, adapt to their daily routines, and take on more responsibility throughout the placement. Work Placements commit to taking on the participant for 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday for 5 weeks in July and early August.

Work Placements are arranged by NYA Staff in May and June once the host communities are determined. If you are interested in having an NYA Participant volunteer at your place of work, please email nick.gregg@nya.ca
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Facilitators play a key role during NYA’s Orientation in July and Re-Orientation in August, where they lead sessions on a variety of issues to prepare Participants for their summer placements. The sessions cover topics such as coping with homesickness and culture shock, cross-cultural communication, work place expectations, leadership, and many others. Facilitators volunteer two weeks of their summer to stay onsite with the Participants and Staff, and make an important contribution to NYA.

NYA’s Facilitators are frequently northern educators, Alumni and Board Members, however new perspectives and talents are always welcome. For more info, please contact Rebecca Bisson at rebecca@nya.ca

Group Leaders

Group Leaders chaperone the International Program Participants on their travels abroad. These volunteers give 7 weeks of their summer in order to facilitate a safe, fun, and productive experience for the team, provide leadership, manage finances, keep the group on track, and ensure they achieve their objectives.

If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Bisson at rebecca@nya.ca.

Volunteers in Ottawa

NYA is looking for volunteers to assist with the NYA Next Program. NYA Next offers participants the opportunity to live on campus at Algonquin College, take an introductory construction trades course, gain exposure to diverse career options, and volunteer in the community. Volunteer opportunities include tutoring, cooking with the group, or sharing your skills through a presentation or job-shadowing day, camping with the group, or facilitating cross-cultural activities with your own youth group.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Rebecca Bisson at rebecca@nya.ca.

Committee Members

NYA uses a number of volunteer committees to assist with participant interviews&selections and host family selection. These committees usually comprise individuals with northern experience and youth experience.

Please get in touch with Rebecca Bisson at rebecca@nya.ca if you would like to volunteer on a committee.