Northern Youth In Service

About NYiS

Northern Youth Abroad has launched a new program available to youth from Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon. The new program, Northern Youth in Service, will provide youth with the opportunity to develop and deliver programs within their communities. Youth will be selected and will receive tailored support, training and resources necessary to successfully deliver small community-based projects.

The program is delivered by Northern Youth Abroad and aims to promote civic engagement among northern youth. By encouraging youth to identify needs, opportunities and solutions within their communities, this new program aims to foster a sense of community ownership and responsibility among northern youth. Through their participation in the program, participants will receive a minimum of 90 hours of training in program management and skills development in areas such as goal setting, career development and leadership.

If you have questions about NYiS, please contact Karen Aglukark at

Training Week

In October 2019, 24 youth from across the north travelled to Ottawa for a week to receive training for developing and delivering their community projects. Participants worked as a group and individually to brainstorm, come up with and test ideas, and present their community projects to each other. They also had the chance to get feedback from a group of local Ottawa youth who visited. All 24 Participants left with a solid foundation for their projects, and the tools they will need to implement it over the coming months.

Highlights so Far

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Northern Youth in Service is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps