Donathan shares his Personal Learning Project

October 3rd, 2017

For my Personal Learning Project, I chose to get involved with playing badminton.

I chose this because it would help me get fit, be involved in the community and organize activities. I like the social aspect of the sport and would love to be able to teach the game to other people.

To play badminton, I went to the Nepean Sportsplex to play some drop-in games with my friend James, who also loved the sport. With the help of our group leader Dian, we were able to get all the proper equipment we needed to play such as shoes, birdies and a racket. We played with 12 other players of varying abilities, and got to meet lots of other players.

I am excited to be able to keep playing when I get home, and in the future, I would like to coach younger people and get involved with my community. This will also help me stay fit after the NYA program, and will help encourage me to stay busy so I can quit smoking.


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