Napassi gives an update on her carpentry course

September 27th, 2016

Napassi participates in a group activity on a sunny day at NYA’s Orientation Camp

Carpentry is now my favourite thing to do. I am thankful for Northern Youth Abroad staff for giving me this opportunity. I never thought I would like/love carpentry. I learned how to use tools but I still need to learn more about chiseling. I learned how to build a dog house and a picture frame. I cannot wait to attend carpentry classes next year. I also know where to go if I ever need help with anything. I learned how much it would cost to go to school here. $5200. I really enjoyed going to carpentry classes, although there were frustrations here and there but I still loved it. The most challenging thing I did was the picture frame, even built my frame crooked. I chose this program because I love the wood working. I will recommend this field work to the high school in Arctic bay. I found this carpentry because NYA introduced me to it.

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